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Walking the Bush Path

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Our ministry has been active in Manyara Region of Tanzania for over a decade now. We “threw a wide net” for pastors of many denominations in rural villages to gather for leadership conferences, where we taught Biblically-sound, foundational principles (Our Covenant with God, Spiritual Fruitfulness, etc.)

Within a few years of walking down that path, God began to prompt us to develop more personal, disciple relationships with those who were prepared to go deep. Within smaller groups, we can develop close bonds in which we can put difficult Biblical truths into practice, tackle spiritually tricky scenarios, and seek spiritual solutions for spiritual problems.

Now, nearly 12 years in, our biggest joy is to walk with these men and women of God as they endeavor to see their communities changed for the Kingdom of God! Yes, we continue to have occasional training seminars. Yes, we lead discipleship groups. But we see the greatest effectiveness as we coach them one-on-one. We stand with them to strengthen their arms, join them on their knees, and seek God’s heart together. They are reaching their communities with the Gospel in new, creative African ways.

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