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Creative Church Planting in the "Bush"

No, this is not a slum, it's a village in Tanzania. What do you do when God has called you to win the lost and plant a new church, but you don't have money for a building? You get creative!

These innovative church leaders found an interesting solution. They cut a few small trees for framing, and then created temporary siding out of old motorcycle crates! They are not sitting around until they have some huge influx of money. They are meeting, and they are trusting God for His supply. So while they build their more permanent church building (a process that will take a couple of years) the leaders bake homemade bricks and build the walls up until a roof can be erected.

The inside is covered in colorful cloth and chairs are set out for everyone's comfort. These flimsy walls cannot contain the joyful worship and clear teaching of the word of God. People from all around the village can hear the preaching and heartfelt singing, not just the people inside!

This is one of our host churches—strong in prayer, eager to listen for God’s voice and direction, committed to (and taking action to) benefit the entire village for spiritual, business, economic, and even environmental transformation. For the Kingdom of God!

You can see the skeptical look on our team member's face as he considers the "structural integrity" of that cobbled-together center post holding up the tin roof! But this little church is mighty in spirit!

The pastoral team are effective in evangelism, but also growing ever stronger in making disciples who make more disciples of Jesus Christ.

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