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To Transform Communities Worldwide

  • By focusing on the development of strong ministry leaders, encouraging the Spirit-led walk and the servant-style lead,
    in order to prepare the soil for a hundredfold return.

  • By connecting  leaders focused on Jesus Christ; banding together in repentance, cooperation, growth, and accountability, in order to bring unity and healing to the body of Christ.

  • By training in discipleship from a global perspective; delivering leadership-building messages and practical applications in order to produce true Christ-followers prepared for every good work.

  • By partnering with wise, Godly indigenous trainers; helping them to affect the lives of other leaders, in order to address specific spiritual and physical needs within their cultures.

  • By reaching to the ends of the earth;  employing both old methods and new technology, in order to equip ministry leaders with valuable tools as God supplies.

  • By balancing efficiency and quality as wise stewards of God’s supply line, in order to keep the stream of God’s resources flowing smoothly.

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