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We believe the Body of Christ, partnering together in unity,
has exponential effectiveness.

This collaboration blesses each partner and  the world we touch.

  • World MIssion: World Mission seeks to deliver the Gospel message in audio form around the world and to invest in leadership training strategies that empower indigenous leaders for the purpose of reaching their own people.

  • Business Connect: Business Connect (Grandville, Michigan) provides citizens around the world with affordable and easy access to clean water. Through our partnership, water filters now supply hundreds of African and Asian families with drinking water each day without expensive processing or harsh chemicals.

  • Local Churches: Several churches in the USA and abroad partner with us to bring clear Biblical teaching and coaching to leaders across many denominations globally. Together we echo Paul's teaching in Ephesians 4:4, that there is one body (His Church), one Gospel, and one Savior - Jesus Christ, who is the head over all of His Church. Not many churches will support a teaching team that serves denominations other than their own, but we are thankful for those whose vision is targeted on the Kingdom of God. 

  • Individuals like YOU: A number of individuals have caught the vision of how God desires to build up and strengthen His Body (The Church) all over the world. They desire to be equipped and empowered to make disciples who will then go on to make more disciples. These people join with us in prayer, listening for God's direction, offer donations, and support the work of the AIM teaching team as we go where God sends us. Please consider joining us and our other partners in support of Gospel advancement around the globe.  

World Peace
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