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Key Ministry Approaches
Conference - attendees 2.jpg


(50-250 leaders)

Foundation-level teaching for
indigenous ministry leaders of a target region or community

Goal: Bible-centered teaching to clarify the foundation of the faith and reason for unity across

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(12-20 leaders)

Continuing training classes for leaders who have shown spiritual hunger, eagerness to pursue deep truths, and motivation to put it into practice

Goal: Practical applications that move Biblical principles from knowledge to action, helping them “put their shoes on and walk this out” in their lives and ministries



(1-3 people)

Personalized exploration of a leader’s environment with spiritual eyes; then integrating Biblical concepts and new practices for that specific ministry

Goal: Consistently walking together as they discover how God has prepared them for their unique calling and situation; then strategizing plans and steps to overcome challenges and flourish in alignment with God’s intention

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1-on-1, or project team

(When leaders recognize God's call to extend into the community, too.)


Prayerfully listening to God for strategy to address society's physical distresses, we gain awareness of spiritual issues in their community and its history that restrict health and growth.

Goal: Addressing spiritual issues as key to permanent solutions, peoples' lives are changed, churches flourish, and society's physical needs are met in God! And He gets the glory!

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