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The God of Perfect Timing - Part 1

When on our spring 2022 scouting trip in Portugal we prayed and began to look for a place to live and have as our landing spot.

Early one morning, after scouring the listings in our preferred area, suddenly we saw the listing for a house we knew we just had to see. As soon as we got there we knew it was perfect for our needs and immediately prayed to seek the Lord’s will. God directed us to make an offer for the house and within just a few days we learned the offer was quickly accepted! God made it clear that this was the house in the area HE had chosen for us.

God loves turning the impossible into “done”; the steps were set in motion for our purchase of the house. We were literally signing papers on our last morning in the country while we were on our way to the airport to return to the USA!

We made the offer on April 7, and the sale finalized on the last day of April; the closing was completed and the house was officially secured mere hours before the interest rates skyrocketed on May 1! Hallelujah! God revealed the place and set everything in line for our life & ministry when in Portugal.

Five months later we’ve moved in, and our eyes are set on what doors God will open for us here, who we will encounter, and how God will move to make Himself known in us and through us.

In summary: The FIRST day the house was available we saw it and quickly made the offer. The day we left the country the lending bank called us in for signatures. The LAST day of April the house purchase closed, mere hours before the government raised the interest rates. We can tend to think of God as sometimes acting slower than we’d like, but He truly is the GOD of PERFECT TIMING if we will just stay in alignment with Him. Every minute is His! Praise God!

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