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Prep for Planting

What a privilege it was to set our feet on new ground in this village that seems almost discarded an hour outside the country’s capital.

The people are impoverished not only economically, but also spiritually, with an oppressive mix of witchcraft and Islam that robs them of peace and hope. Driving down sandy paths that wind between homesteads, we arrived at the plot recently purchased for a new church plant.

The planting pastor and his wife greeted us, and we shared in the joy of God’s provision for this new “field” and in the anticipation of the harvest to come. Together, we walked and prayed for God’s presence, protection, and provision for this endeavor.

We then turned our hearts to pray for God’s blessing here. “Lord, we know that we don’t know how best to pray right now; but we learn from Your Word [Romans 8:34] that Jesus even now is at Your right hand interceding for us. Lord, we want to align with His prayer for this place! How would you have us pray right now?”

One team member simply heard the word “baptize” ringing in her heart. Quietly she slipped away to the vehicle, to retrieve a bottle of water, while the others huddled in the shade of a tree, away from the hot sun. Returning with the water in hand, she carefully explained that this is in no way witchcraft; rather this is a kind of obedience and partnership with God in His spiritual cleansing and preparation. We all began to pray for God’s cleansing and sanctifying of this plot, and as she poured out that small bottle of water, rain began to fall from the sky!

Yes, we had just huddled away from the oppressive sun, but God intended to baptize and cleanse the land. He asked that we partner with Him to prophetically pour out the water; and as we did, He baptized the land with the rain! And not only the land!—The pastor couple, the supporting couple, and even our team were drenched in the blessing!

It’s the season for God’s rain. It’s time to plant!

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