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New Irrigation Project

Pastor P (a long-time partner of this ministry) has begun a new irrigation project. As you can see from the photos, he has set up a drip irrigation system for his family garden in a region where every drop of water counts. With this new system, they carry water to a small tank with a shut-off valve, then they can open the valve to allow the water to slowly run through all the lines that deliver the water precisely at the base of each new seedling.

He has also supplemented the soil with active charcoal and it’s easy to see the brand-new seedlings coming up out of that sprinkling of charcoal.

With this new irrigation system they expect to see a significant increase in the yield of their family garden, allowing them to share more with the widows and orphans under their care. This year is the learning curve and experimentation phase for this project. By next year we may see the project expanding to the shamba (small farm) out near the widows and orphans!

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