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Let Breakthrough!

I love being a pioneer!

I feel the most energized and

"at home" in my life

when I am exploring new territory and ideas. Yes, I know that's strange:

at home, even if I'm not actually at home.

But God made me for this!

Thus whether I am challenging my own heart's recesses,

whether I am "scouting out" new locations or groups for ministry,

whether I am writing curriculum for upcoming training,

or whether I am coaching leaders into their own uncharted territory

--Ah yes! That is where I want to be!

To be able to learn something new...we need to be willing to let go of obsolete ideas and open our eyes and hearts to grow, mature, and get back on the road of discipleship and learning again. The learner needs to venture out of fixed paths into the unknown, and not allow their heart and head to be stunted by mere routine--this is especially true of religious routine. In fact, I would suggest that new breakthroughs are only gained by those who break out of the arbitrary boundaries that have been set by mere convention. That's why they are called breakthroughs.

- Alan Hirsch, 5Q

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1 comentário

10 de jul. de 2020

IIt is exciting to know about and be praying for this ministry.. I have met and prayed with this team leader and dearly love her parents and family.

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