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Infrastructure Needed

God has blessed Activation International with provision for several projects at our African headquarters! While that is thrilling and encouraging, our team was overwhelmed at the thought of multiple hands-on projects intermingled with training, coaching, and discipleship classes! Too much!!

Thus, in April the team scheduled a brief, 5-week return to Africa specifically to face tasks and “normal” responsibilities in advance of our busy, upcoming ministry trip in the fall.

  • Activation International has purchased the new (to us) Land Cruiser; however, registration, insurance, and repairs are needed before it is ready for heavy, off-road ministry use.

  • Because rats and snakes also desire a home, and because thieves desire to take advantage of the used auto parts market, we needed to secure the garage and seal it properly.

  • Meager (and therefore expensive) water is a challenge in our location. God provided for the digging of a well on ministry property!

A friend recently commented that although we believed that we were there for infrastructure, God was working on RESTORATION! God is restoring good, clean water to the dry ground. God is restoring the vehicle to strong condition, readying it for full ministry use. God is restoring the property to secure status, safe from creatures that would want to make their home inside the vehicle and safe from thieves that would desire to take pieces from it!

Praise God for His provision. Praise Him also for the wisdom and direction to take care of these things in advance, so that we are READY to jump right into ministry when we return!

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