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Follow THE Leader

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

When we are “back home” in the USA (for COVID-related distancing or for time at home between excursions), we have the privilege to walk with friends and family who are interested in deepening their walk with God.

The church in America has a high value for effective programs, respected denominational leaders, and strategies that will make “our church” stand out and attract others.

God has given us a different focus for the American church: Follow THE Leader (Jesus Christ). The church’s great hope is not to be found in adopting a vibrant, new program; nor in building a shiny new sanctuary; nor in imitating dynamic denominational leaders. We cannot follow a leader and expect transformation.

Follow THE Leader! Purposefully focus on Him, and discern where His eyes are looking. Come into alignment with both His Word and His heart. Seek His steps, and purposefully walk in them.

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