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Digging a Well-By Hand!

The need presented itself this year for a more reliable water source at the house in Babati, Tanzania. We were pleased to learn that our new landlord knew of a man who dug wells for a living. That man came for a “consultation” and quickly discerned the best spot to find water on the property. “The water is not too deep!” he said excitedly. That was great news, especially since we saw him arrive with his “tools”—a pick axe with a sawn-off handle, a chisel, and hammer, and a bucket and rope.

In just one day (pictured here), he had quite a hole started; but there was still nearly 25 yards deeper to go! Over the next few days, we watched from a distance (I’m terribly afraid of heights!) as his assistant pulled up bucket-after-bucket of dirt. Having no ladder, we observed the digger carefully climb in and out a couple times a day. I could no longer handle peering over the edge, but I could tell it was dark down there!

After one week, we got excited when we saw the evidence of wet stones being pulled out! I thought, "Hallelujah! He must be nearly done!" Nope. He informed me that he will likely have to go another 20 feet, lest we stop too shallow and the well dries and silt-up. We must

get deep down into the spring!

Two weeks later, the job was done. There is clean water, an ample supply to last even in the drought seasons! We thank God for His provision, and pray that this be a blessing for years to come.

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