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Creating "Home Base"

I so anticipate the establishment of “home” in Portugal. All along the way, it seems God has opened doors of opportunity, and we have been faithful to step through those doors.

Central Portugal is beautiful. Rolling hills with orchards and farms are lush in the spring, inviting you to explore the cozy villages and their ubiquitous street-side cafes. The people are warm and friendly, eager to offer even visitors a bag full of oranges from their backyard trees.

During our visit this spring, we found a great home in the town of Alcobaca from which to begin our lives among the rural Portuguese. In our original visit, we were able to begin new friendships with a few, with hopes and plans to reconnect when we return.

Moving internationally can be daunting; however, as long as we do not try to look too far down the road, we do not get overwhelmed. I must keep reminding myself: “I wasn’t meant to carry all of these decisions and burdens today. I just need to walk today’s journey. Tomorrow, I will face tomorrow’s needs.”

Remember: You cannot do everything you WANT to do; but you can do anything you OUGHT to do.

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